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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Isadora's Antique Jewellery

Isadora's has a collection of antique jewellery, dating from the Georgian era to mid 20th century, and retro. Some items are beautiful yet prohibitively expensive, while others cost only a few hundred dollars. There is jewellery for both men and women in a variety of styles, metals and stones, however the pictures shown below are those which suit my personal preferences. While the price tags may be a disincentive for all but the wealthy to purchase as simply an addition to their wardrobe, there are some reasonably priced engagement rings. Personally, I am content to oggle at pretty things that I probably wouldn't have an occasion to wear.

Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Ring c. 1918, Mid Twentieth Century Diamond Ring c. 1950
European Art Deco Zircon Ring c. 1940, Art Deco Diamond & Sapphire Bracelet c. 1920
Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring c. 1930, Vintage Diamond Bulova Ladies Watch
Art Deco Diamond Platinum Earings c. 1920, Edwardian Diamond Platinum Ring c. 1915
Diamond, Emerald and Pearl Choker c. 1940, Deco Diamond Filigree Ring
Art Deco Diamond Ring c. 1930, Mid 20th Century Diamond Eternity Band c 1950
Mid 20th Century Diamond Ring c. 1950, Vintage Pearl and Diamond Earings c. 1930
Mid 20th Century diamond ring c. 1950, French Sapphire and Diamond Ring c. 1930
Art Deco Diamond & Sapphire Ring c. 1920, 1950′s Diamond Ring c. 1950

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  1. beautiful antique jewellery! I enjoy your blog very much!